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Item Section Name
Refractories for Iron & Steel making Shaped Refractories MgO Burned Brick
MgO-C Brick
Al2O3- MgO-C Brick
Al2O3- C Brick
Unburned High Alumina Brick
Al2O3- SiC-C Brick
High Silica Brick
Burned Alumina Brick & High Alumina Brick
Fire Clay Brick
Special Fire Clay Brick
Zircon Brick
EBT Brick for E.A.F
Sliding Nozzle Well Brick for Ladle
PP CONE & Special Castable Block(Precast Block)
Large Size Castable Block(Precast Block)
Monolithic Refractories MgO Spray Coating Material for E.A.F
Shot Cast Castable for Ladle
MgO Spray Coating Material for Tundish - Hot repair, Cold repair
Kneader Material for Converter
Slip Casting Castable for Blast Furnace
Special Slip Casting Castable for Ladle
Special Slip Casting Castable for Tundish
High Alumina Castable Refractories
Insulating Castable Refractories
Acid-Proof Castable Refractories
MgO Stamp Materials
Alumina-MgO Stamp Materials
Dolomite Stamp Materials
High strength air setting Ramming Material
Plastic Refractories
Air setting refractory Mortar
Heat setting refractory Mortar
Refractories for  Incinerator & Nonferrous metal Furnace, etc. Shaped Refractories/ Monolithic Refractories High strength Alumina Brick
SiC Brick
High strength Alumina Castable
SiC Castable
Alumina Stamp Materials
Alumina-MgO Stamp Materials
Cupola Spray Coating Materials
Special Refractories & Ceramics Special Refractores High Temp. Insulating Brick
Acid-Proof Brick
Hydrochloric Acid Recovery Plant Roaster Brick
Ceramics Ceramic Setter for MLCC
Setter for High Temp. Ceramics
Ceramic Filter