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The Challenge sprit and valued investment for customer satisfaction

Management Guidelines

Main Business

  • Refractories


    - Iron steel refractories : Acid, Neutral and Basic shaped refractories /Monolithic refractories
    - Incinerator refractories : Shaped / Monolithic refractories, Nonferrous metals refractories
    - etc : Shaped / Monolithic/ Special refractories
  • Ceramics


    Water/Sanitary faucets
    - High purity Alumina crucible
    - Ceramics LINING PIPE & ELBOW
    - Ceramic roller
    - Spherical Alumina
  • Equipment

    Facilities &

    - Ladle for steel making / Sliding Gate System of continuous casting machine / Small sized Arc furnace / Melting furnace for nonferrous metal
    - Installation Equipment for refractories and Pre-heating burner for drying
  • Sagger/Setter

    for Kiln Furniture

    - Sagger for burning Cathode : Cathode active materials(LC, NCM, NCA) for burning
    - Sagger for powder calcination : Ceramic raw-materials(Alumina/Zircon ball) calcination, Inorganic coloring pigment for heat treatment