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Fine Ceramics
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Fine Ceramics

The Fine Ceramics industry! In a rapidly changing industrial structure and living environment it has a limitness potential and its applications are varied and many in a wide range of fields. These properties include the ability to withstand heat, the ability to withstand corrosion resistance to wear and a high degree of electrical insulation. 

DONGKUK CERAMICS have been putting considerable R & D effort into meeting the ever-diversifying needs. Upgrading the performance and reliability of its ceramics by employing new techniques allied with existing skills to utilize to the full, the properties of Fine Ceramics.

UNIT Alumina 96% Alumina 99.8%
Color White Ivory
Specific gravity g/cm3 3.70 3.95
Relative Density % 99 99
Young’s Modulus GPa   320 360
Flexural Strength (25℃)   Kg/mm2 32 38
Compressive Strength (25℃)   kg/mm2  230 250
Fracture Toughness MPa m1/2 3.0 3.0
Hardness Hv 1500 1700
Coef. of Thermal Expansion
×10-6/℃ 7.5 7.9