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Alumina Water/Sanitary Faucets

We are producing alumina product with high quality by know-how and experience that are accumulated in structure ceramics field.  Electric insulation as well as use at High strength, High hardness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature is excellent.

Quality Control of Ceramic Disc

Group Sliding Surface Non Sliding Surface
Parallelism 0.3㎛≥ -
Dimension   According to Drawings -
Color  White-Ivory -
Chips  0.2mm≥ 1.0mm≥  
Scratch  0.2㎛×3 0.2㎛×5  
Crack  Non 0.5mm Deep≥  
Pores  0.05%≥ 0.2%≥  
Spots  Non 1.0mm≥  
Contamination  Non Non 

Product Properties

  • - The organization which is uniform and perforation ratio the lowness
  • - The sinter power is high the transparency the loftiness
  • - abrasion resistance and chemical resistance excellence
  • - High strength and hardness
  • - corrosion resistance and thermal resistance excellence
  • - Electric dielectric excellence