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Steelmaking facilities and construction equipment for refractories
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Steel Making Equipments

Tundish Nozzle Changer(HNC)

Tundish nozzle changer by which open nozzle can be safely and rapidly changed during continuous casting operations for both ironmaking and steelmaking


  • - Extended operation of continuous steel casting
  • - Reduction on the usage of refractories
  • - Maintaining flat operating speed while casting
  • - Better workability and handling

Construction equipment

Gunning Machine For Tundish materials

The unit is mainly used for the construction of refractories for tundish by spraying coating refractories therein. Dry raw material is mixed with water until it reaches proper consistency in the mixing unit by screw; and the mixture is then discharged by the activation of mono pump unit.


  • - Transferring pressure : Max 40 bar
  • - Rate of discharge : 30~40L/Min
  • - Distance of discharge : Max 80m

Dry type Spray Machine(ShotCrete)

Dry refractory sprayer can continuously mix and mill refractory powder with water, and spray the mixture. Therefore high efficiency can be achieved and also operation is relatively easy. It also has movable castors which lead handling and storage to become easy, and assembly and disassembly of the unit are simple enough to make its maintenance and repair easy.


  • - Driving motor : 3.7Kew, 4P, 220/380V
  • - Power transmission : Gear type
  • - Water supply : Water pump (2.2kw)

Continuance Castable&Mortar Mixer

Continuous castable mixing machine can continuously mix and mill castable or mortar whose particle size is less than 16mm, thus operation time can be drastically reduced, higher work efficiency can be achieved, and it can be easily used with convenient operating.


  • - Motor : 15Kw, 220/380V
  • - Mixing capa : 100L/Min
  • - Water pressure : Min 4Bar

Batch type Castable & Mortar Mixer

Our batch type mixing machine is a multipurpose mixer which can be used for castable, mortar, and also structural concrete.


  • - Mixing Capa : 100~1000L/batch
  • - Driving : Worm reducer, V-pulley

Refractory cutter and other various installation equipment

Our company supplies various types of installation equipment based on the experience and know-how in furnace construction which have been accumulated for the past few decades. All equipment have already been proven their functionality in the installation of refractories, thus can be best suit for not only refractories but also general construction.